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Whiplash Treatment in Victorville, CA

Whiplash is a painful condition which not only makes turning one's head agonizing or even impossible, but it can also leave sufferers with a series of other symptoms ranging from headaches to upper back problems. Here at Life Chiropractic in Victorville, CA, we offer whiplash treatment that does not involve drugs or invasive surgical procedures, allowing the body to perform its own healing work more quickly and effectively.

Whiplash Treatment in Victorville, CA

The term "whiplash" describes a method of injury, not any one specific form of physical damage, a motion that occurs in a neck subjected to strong, sudden forces. The most well-known incidence of whiplash takes place in an auto accident when a car is stopped suddenly, as in a collision. The forward momentum of such a heavy vehicle throws the head forward toward the windshield while the rest of the body is held in place by a safety harness. 

Then a recoil motion occurs that throws the head back, again with great force, creating spinal misalignments, bulging or herniated discs, and torn muscles or tendons. A Victorville, CA whiplash sufferer may be unable to move his/her neck without excruciating pain. In addition to localized symptoms, the pinched nerves caused by pressure from the dislocated discs may cause pain, numbness or weakness in the arms or hands, while referred pain from the neck may also cause frequent headaches.

Auto accidents are by no means the only cause of whiplash cases. Any sport that includes bodily collisions, sudden stops or harsh landings can do the same damage to the neck and cervical spine as a car crash. Football players, skiers and other athletes may experience whiplash in the pursuit of their favorite activity. Even a personal injury that jars the spinal column can require whiplash treatment.

Natural Whiplash Treatment with Chiropractic Techniques 

Chiropractic whiplash treatment seeks to restore the cervical spine's natural alignment and speed healing to damaged soft tissues. Our chiropractors can use manual spinal adjustments to help relieve nerve pressure and pain, eliminating the symptoms caused by such impingements. We may also prescribe some degree of traction or decompression to bring "slipped" discs back into their proper space between vertebrae and give them a chance to heal normally. In addition to spinal adjustment, we can also relieve the pain caused by damaged muscles and tendons while also accelerating their healing process. 

A combination of ice therapy, moist heat therapy, electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) and other natural whiplash treatment modalities can enhance circulation and help injured tissues expel inflammatory or pain-causing substances, providing effective pain relief without painkilling drugs. We can then help patients recover the neck strength and flexibility through exercise and rehabilitation. We encourage whiplash sufferers to contact our clinic for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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