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At Life Chiropractic, located in the heart of Victorville, our team is dedicated to providing state of the art therapeutic care. Our two Victorville chiropractors, Dr. James Boehmer and Dr. Edward Korthuis, have extensive experience administering advanced care to athletes, injury accident patients, and chronic pain sufferers. We provide care and pain relief for back pain, headache, neck pain, and injuries of all types. We often combine rehabilitation therapies and physiotherapy with the spinal adjustments for maximum results. At Life Chiropractic, our chiropractors have excellent reputations and commonly receive referrals from medical doctors. Additionally, we are happy to work alongside other medical professionals to help patients discover the most effective healing possible.

Dr. Boehmer has been providing advanced care to patients, including medical doctors, professional athletes, and politicians from around the Victor Valley area since 1991. In addition to his experience in providing chiropractic care, Dr. Boehmer has completed advanced training in sports injury rehabilitation, auto injury care, and disc injuries.

Dr. Korthuis is a well known figure in the Victor Valley area, providing safety lectures at various places of employment. Dr. Korthuis has been providing chiropractic care since 1991 and has additional training in treating work place injuries, auto injuries, and sports related injuries.

Both Dr. Korthuis and Dr. Boehmer are trained as Independent Disability Evaluators, are Qualified Medical Examiners and believe in continuous advanced training to remain current on cutting edge care techniques.

Victorville Chiropractic Care for Injury Accident
and Chronic Pain Conditions

At our Victorville chiropractic center, each chiropractor is experienced in providing comprehensive and advanced care for injury accident rehabilitation. Our chiropractors focus on relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and improving mobility for patients that have suffered an injury accident from a car collision, workplace incident or athletic event. Our methods of care include traditional spinal manipulations as well as advanced chiropractic methods.

All of our methods for pain relief and healing are 100-percent non-invasive and can assist with reducing and eliminating lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headache, and tingling or numbness in the extremities. In addition to spinal adjustments, we offer corrective exercise plans, physiotherapy plans that may include traction, cryotherapy (ice therapy), moist heat therapy, Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS), as well as spinal decompression therapy.

Our chiropractors can design a custom corrective exercise plan to help the body strengthen and heal following an injury or to reduce the symptoms of a chronic pain condition. In addition to the strengthening and healing benefits, the corrective exercises can help to prevent a re-injury in the future since the body will be stronger and better able to protect itself.

In some cases, rehabilitation and therapeutic techniques are part of the healing process. Often, for injury accident patients, the best ways to help speed up the healing and to complement the spinal adjustments from our chiropractor is physiotherapy and rehab procedures. Our combination of therapies encourages healing while increasing flexibility and reducing inflammation. We also offer Spinal decompression therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical method of promoting natural healing for bulging and herniated discs. The therapy involves gentle stretching and relaxation cycles that guide the spinal discs back into alignment, while offering pain relief.

At Life Chiropractic, we accept most types of insurance, including Medicare and workers comp insurances.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I love my chiropractor at Life Chiropractic! These guys are so knowledgeable, so experienced and always improve my physical well being with each adjustment. I have been going here about once a month for at least 10 years and I can't imagine not having them available, especially when I am feeling stressed from work or just life in general. Between them and my monthly massages, I keep my stress under control! I would highly recommend Life Chiropractic for expert chiropractic care. The office staff is also extremely nice and warm. They always greet me by name and they make me feel as if they are welcoming into their living room! The doctors are very fortunate to have these great gals handling the front and all the customers that come through the doors."
    Janna N.
  • ""I've been patient at Life Chiropractic for quite awhile. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else because of the professional and personal care I receive there, from the doctors to the office staff, all are wonderful. In addition, and not any less important, is the improvement I have seen in my mobility and pain management. Truly, Life Chiropractic has changed the quality of my life. Adjustments are quick and easy and leave me feeling better than when I walked into the office.""
    Eric B.
  • ""My back x-rays have actually improved! I have been receiving chiropractic care for years. Dr. Korthuis and staff are very knowledgeable, professional and welcoming. I am now on monthly maintenance. The treatment plan includes exercises that I do at home daily. At one time I was in chronic debilitating pain and a candidate for back surgery, fortunately, that is no longer the case. PS: I do not take pain meds either!""
    Gail A.
  • ""I have been going to Life Chiropractic for many years. They will not treat you until you go through a thorough examination including x-rays. It is very easy to get an appointment, many times the same day if you've injured yourself. The staff is always friendly, more like family than a doctor's office. I highly recommend Life Chiropractic to anyone and everyone!""
    Elton M.
  • ""I have been treated by both Dr. Boehmer and Dr. Korthuis. Both do an excellent job and are very gentle and very professional. I look forward to my treatments there. I am looking forward to having a massage therapy treatment there soon, as well. Their fees are very reasonable. I am a cash-paying client and am grateful for this. The front-office staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.
    I can only highly recommend Life Chiropractic to anyone who is looking for skilled chiropractors whom they can trust.""
    Randy M.
  • ""At Life Chiropractic you will love it all. At life you will have an new life experience if you go. We clean Life so you know that Life Chiro is clean. It is an state-of-art facility.. SO GO NOW OR BE IN PAIN.... Ponsors Cleaning Services""
    Areah A.
  • ""I have been a patient of Life Chiropractic for a long time. I go when my old body tells me that it is time to get straightened out again.. I have never had a bad experience. The Staff is great. Always upbeat, with something nice to say. I may be hurting when I walk in the door, but before I sit down, I'm greeted by name, with a smile and a cheery attitude. Just that makes me feel better. Along with a minor adjustment from Dr. Boehmer, I can enjoy my life with a little less pain and a smile on my face.""
    Dave J.
  • ""When I first began going to Life Chiropractic over a year ago I was had suffered from lower back pain and frequent bursitis in my left hip that severely limited my mobility. The treatment plan was thorough and well explained. I continued to go every four weeks and have been able to remain pain free and mobile. The doctors and office staff are efficient and welcoming.""
    Derek C.
  • ""Was my first time ever seeing a chiropractor. I 'm not a big fan of doctors (will visit them only if necessary). Dr. Boehmer clearly explained to me each procedure. Using that model of the neck and spine (very visual) gave me a clear mental picture of my injury. The staff are very informative, cheery and friendly. The treatments are really helping. Just wanted to thank the Doctors and staff for their professionalism and dedication in helping me and others to maintain a healthy quality of life. Again, Thank you so very much.""
    Fred M.

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  • Dr.
    James D. Boehmer
    Dr. Boehmer graduated with Honors from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1988. He is a native of Southern California. After living in the city of Downey for 28 years, he relocated to the high desert in 1991 and founded Life Chiropractic Center with Dr. Korthuis.
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  • Dr.
    Edward L. Korthuis, D.C.

    Dr. Korthuis is a native of California who graduated in 1988 from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. He has had specialized training in work place injuries as well as auto and sports injuries. Dr. Korthuis is active in the Victor Valley community by providing Safety Lectures at places of employment to prevent work injuries. He works in conjunction with medical doctors to provide the best care needed for his patients.

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