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Pinched Nerve

A Victorville Chiropractor Can Treat Your Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerves are a very painful situation to live through. A patient who has one will likely try everything they can to find relief. One option that Victorville residents need to know about is chiropractic care. Life Chiropractic can help patients to discover the cause of the pinched nerve and find ways to address the problem.

A pinched nerve can cause long-term issues because many people try to just use medication to control the pain. The issue with that is the medication doesn’t do anything to address the underlying problem that is pinching or compressing the nerve. This could mean unnecessary pain for longer since the nerve will remain irritated for longer.

Chiropractic care can help pinched nerves

When a patient comes in with a pinched nerve, the chiropractor must determine what’s going on. There are a few issues that might be present. A subluxation or misalignment of the vertebrae that presses on the nerve can be the cause. Degenerative disc disease is another possibility because the bony protrusions can compress or catch the nerves.

Treatments for the pinched nerve

The location of the pain is a starting point for the chiropractor. They will examine the person’s spine and determine where there are problems to address. Once this is done, they can do spinal manipulation to help realign the spine. Sometimes, chiropractic devices are used to help get everything where it should be. None of this should be painful.

Since the chiropractor addresses the root cause of the pinched nerve and pain, you should feel relief. It usually takes more than one appointment, so make sure you come in as instructed. These treatments are cumulative and can have significant benefits in your life.

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The staff at Life Chiropractic is ready to help you feel your best. Contact us today for an appointment to address the pinched nerve that is causing you pain.

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