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Chiropractic Care

Victorville Chiropractic Care Brings Pain Relief and Total Wellness

Victorville chiropractic care for pain reliefChiropractors Dr. James Boehmer and Dr. Edward Korthuis have provided high quality Victorville chiropractic services for over two decades. They have a passion for helping people overcome the aches and pains that hold them back from living active, fun lives, and have assisted thousands of headache and back pain sufferers find welcome pain relief. We help patients achieve this relief through a combination of all-natural, drug-free, non-invasive treatments that address the root causes of pain. Whether you have suffered whiplash in a car accident, a sports injury, or simply struggle with chronic pain that does not seem to have a cause, we can help!

Victorville Chiropractor Helps You Take Control of Your Health

The first thing that starts to develop as a fetus grows is the nervous system, which is the control center that directs the growth and function of each organ and system within the body. The spine houses this critical bundle of nerves, and as long as the spine is properly aligned, the nerves can deliver these important messages back and forth from the brain to all of the body's systems, ensuring that everything works properly. Whenever the vertebrae are out of line, even just a little bit, this can pinch nerves, interrupting the conveyance of these messages and causing pain. Each Victorville chiropractor at Life Chiropractic is trained to diagnose and treat these spinal misalignments.

A chiropractor calls these misalignments "subluxations". They may start small, but if they are not treated, they get worse as time goes on. Poor posture, minor trips and falls, muscle strains and sleeping on poor mattresses can pull the spine out of line slowly, while car accidents and sports injuries can force the vertebrae out of optimal alignment. Dr. James Boehmer and Dr. Edward Korthuis carefully examine each patient to discover the location and extent of their subluxations and then create a treatment plan that starts with gentle, effective chiropractic spinal adjustments that work the spine back into natural position. This releases pinched nerves and relieves back pain, headache, neck pain, sciatica, etc.

Spinal Decompression and Physiotherapy

In addition to highly-skilled chiropractic spinal adjustments, we also provide a number ofChiropractors treat Victorville back pain and neck pain physiotherapy treatments that complement the work we do to realign the spine. One of these options is non-surgical spinal decompression, which has been enormously successful in relieving pain in the back, particularly from bulging and herniated discs. Spinal decompression treatments gently stretch the spine and remove pressure from discs and pinched nerves, often resulting in dramatic pain relief. In addition to spinal decompression, we also help our patients with exercise therapy and counseling, mechanical traction, cryotherapy, moist heat and electronic muscle stimulation.

We customize each patient's treatment path to his or her individual needs and condition. From initial pain relief to recovery, re-strengthening and optimal fitness, we support our patients every step of the way!

Call us at 760-241-2000 to find out how we can help!

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