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Victorville Headache Treatments:
Natural Relief for Chronic Pain

Do you struggle with chronic headaches? You may blame diet, caffeine intake, stress, or even a lack of sleep for your pain. It’s easy to think, “If I just kick that coffee habit and get more sleep, my headaches will go away.” While some lifestyle changes can make a difference, they can only provide limited relief if your headaches are due to an undiagnosed spinal misalignment. In fact, an untreated cervical spine alignment is one of the most common causes for tension headaches, which affect millions of Americans each year.

Victorville Chiropractor Treats Headaches, Migraines and Neck Pain

If you suffer from tension headaches, our Victorville chiropractors Dr. James Boehmer and Dr. Edward Korthuis understand that you need immediate pain relief. We also know that you deserve a long-lasting solution that does not leave 

Victorville chiropractors treat headaches and migrainesyou dependent on painkillers to live your daily life. That’s why our Victorville headache treatments are so effective. We use chiropractic adjustments to correct the underlying cause for pain, which greatly reduces the future occurrence of headaches in our patients.

Chiropractic care is especially effective for treating tension headaches. If the cervical vertebra shifts out of alignment, it may place pressure on a muscle known as the rectus capitis posterior minor (RCPM). This pressure may cause the RCPM muscle to spasm, which can then trigger a tension headache. Patients may feel a dull, aching pain, accompanied by tightness across the forehead, back or sides of the head. The occasional tension headache is considered normal; this may be caused by stress, food sensitivities or caffeine intake. Chronic tension headaches, however, may be a symptom of a cervical spine misalignment. Patients with a cervical spine misalignment may also experience shoulder and neck pain.

A cervical spine misalignment may be due to an undiagnosed whiplash injury, a sports injury, or simply natural wear and tear. Chiropractic adjustments are a safe and effective treatment for restoring alignment to the cervical spine. Once the vertebra is back in its proper position, pressure is no longer placed on the RCPM muscle, which corrects a major cause of headache pain. Cervical adjustments can also help relieve shoulder and neck pain.

If you suffer from migraine pain, chiropractic care may also be able to help. Migraines are caused by constricted blood vessels. While the cause for this constriction is not fully understood, a misalignment of the cervical spine may play a role in causing migraines. Additionally, scientists know that certain food and smells can trigger the onset of migraine pain. The exact cause for this is not known, but it may be due to miscommunication between the central nervous system and the brain. Maintaining proper alignment in the body is essential to optimal nerve function.

Victorville patients choose our wellness center because of our non-invasive, natural approach to pain management. Adjustments are a highly effective treatment for managing migraine, headache and neck pain. By correcting the underlying cause for your pain, our chiropractor can provide long-lasting relief.

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