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Experienced Victorville Injury Accident Treatment

At Life Chiropractic, we are proud to offer Victorville injury accident patients advanced chiropractic care. Our mission at Life Chiropractic is to help you recover from the accident or Victorville chiropractors treat injury accident patientsinjury, and then to assist you with preventing re-injury. Both Dr. Boehmer and Dr. Korthuis are Independent Disability Evaluators and Qualified Medical Examiners. This means that they are both trained to treat and document workers' compensation and personal injury cases. Due to their experience and training, our chiropractors are able to help you navigate through the injury claims process while helping you rehabilitate your injury.

Our injury accident plans are customized to your needs. After a careful examination and documentation of your injury, our chiropractor will determine what combination of treatment plans will work best to get you the maximum results.

Additionally, our office accepts most insurance plans, including workers' compensation. Using our experience and training in working with injury accident patients, we will take the headache out of the claims and rehabilitation process.

Injury Accident Care from Experienced Chiropractors

Our chiropractors have extensive experience treating injury accident victims of all types. Many of our patients have been hurt in a car accident, in a workers' compensation incident, or have a sports injury. These types of accidents all tend to have one commonality: These are soft tissue injuries that impact the tendons, muscles, back discs, neck discs, or ligaments in the body. Chiropractic care is especially effective for soft tissue injuries because it focuses on gentle manipulations to the spinal column, returning the body to overall proper alignment, and healthy nerve functionality.

Auto injury, workplace injury, and sports injury patients may be suffering from whiplash, upper back pain, lower back issues, headaches, neck pain or muscle strains. Whiplash can often be misunderstood because it is actually a whole group of symptoms rather than just one simple symptom. Whiplash may affect the neck, the back, the jaw, the extremities like the hands and feet, and can cause a number of other complications, including emotional ones, due to the pain. Symptoms of whiplash often will include back pain, neck pain and headaches. Additionally, whiplash is not only caused by car accidents. It commonly affects athletes as well.

Victorville chiropractic care relieves headaches and back painA spinal adjustment is an effective chiropractic technique that focuses on removing any nerve interference that may be caused by an injury. When the spine is improperly aligned due to an accident injury; pain, numbness and muscle strain often result. Pain and numbness are caused by the inability of the nervous system to send and receive messages normally. By restoring alignment to the spine, we remove the nerve interference and allow the surrounding muscles and organs to function properly. In addition to spinal manipulations, we offer physiotherapy modalities such as heat and cold therapy, Electronic Muscle Stimulation, and spinal decompression to help injury patients get maximum relief and return to normal functionality.

We don't do "quick adjustments" and then send you away: We are strongly committed to using our entire spectrum of chiropractic techniques, physiotherapy techniques, and lifestyle wellness counseling to help you recover and feel better. We take whiplash, back pain, headache, and other accident injuries very seriously here. We are committed to creating customized treatment plans that will get you back to work, back in the game, and back to your family life as soon as possible.

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