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Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatment at Life Chiropractic

We can't help but wince when we see a star athlete go down suddenly with a catastrophic knee injury. But knee pain and damage can strike anyone, from amateur runners to individuals of a certain age dealing with natural degenerative conditions. If your daily life simply won't allow you to be hobbled by knee pain, then you're probably looking for solutions to ease your symptoms without forcing yourself to undergo elaborate surgical procedures. You'll find those solutions right here at Life Chiropractic in Victorville, CA.

Knee Pain

Getting to Know Your Knee Pain

The knee joint must bear almost the full weight of your body every time you stand up, walk, or run, while still providing flexibility. Normal knee motion involves a precise interplay between muscle, tendons, ligaments, bones, and anti-friction components such as cartilage and bursae. If any of these structures sustains damage, you may find it difficult or even impossible to move your knee or bear any weight on your knee without pain.

Knee pain can attack you sharply and suddenly, especially if you experience acute damage due to a muscle tear or ruptured ligament. But it can also take its time developing. For instance, you could be subjecting your knee to repetitive motions or overuse that cause tiny tears in the soft tissues. As new damage outstrips repair efforts, chronic inflammation and pain set in. If you're a runner, an instability in the knee joint can make you prone to a chronic pain problem known as runner's knee.

Degenerative joint conditions can also be worsened by overuse of the knee. Osteoarthritis, a condition in which the joint cartilage slowly breaks down with age, can be aggravated by a physical misalignment that affects your weight distribution. Obesity is another aggravating factor in degenerative joint pain.

Holistic Care from Our Victorville Chiropractors

Bring your painful knee to our Victorville chiropractors, Dr. Boehmer and Dr. Korthuis. X-rays and other diagnostic techniques can help us identify your knee problem, devising a holistic treatment plan to combat it. Chronic strain conditions or arthritis may benefit from chiropractic adjustment that improve your weight distribution and joint mobility. We may also prescribe corrective exercises and physiotherapy to help you rehabilitate an injured knee. Ongoing lifestyle changes can then help you keep your knees in optimal shape.

Don't Let Yourself Be Disabled by Knee Pain

Why limp your way through life when you can take control of your knee pain? Call Life Chiropractic in Victorville at 760-241-2000 to schedule a soothing course of treatment for knee pain.

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