The Science of Lower Back Pain

Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic medicine is about providing non-surgical treatments for pain, injury, and disorders of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. The chiropractic professionals at Life Chiropractic in Victorville maintain a focus on the use of non-surgical spinal manipulation and the treatment of the structures surrounding the spine.


The Science Behind Chiropractic Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Over the years, many scientific studies have shown that manual therapies commonly used in chiropractic settings are particularly effective in treating lower back pain. Many of these same studies have shown that it is also effective in treating neck pain, herniated lumbar discs, and similar conditions for related reasons.

Chiropractic care is an ideal way to manage swelling and pain resulting from a lower back injury or condition. Regular chiropractic care provides patients with a safe and non-invasive alternative to surgery and prescription medication. 

The chiropractic doctors at Life Chiropractic use Chiropractic adjustments to reduce restrictions within the joint and misalignments of the spine to reduce inflammation and restore function to the affected joint and the nervous system. By improving joint mobility, restoring function, and spinal health, the body will be able to better manage the symptoms caused by lower back pain.

Types of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain comes in a range of forms and causes. It can be mild, moderate, or severe. It may start suddenly or build up over time. The most common lower back pain symptoms are described in the following ways.

  • Dull or aching pain in the lower back
  • Burning or stinging pain which radiates into the legs
  • Numbness or tingling that radiates into the legs and feet
  • Pain that becomes worse after sitting or standing
  • Muscle spasms or tightness in the pelvis and hips
  • Trouble when standing up straight, changing position or while walking

The most common cause of lower back pain is spinal misalignment, otherwise known as “subluxation.” With spinal misalignment, the vertebrae press on the discs between them unevenly, pinching the nerves. Depending on the location of the misalignment, the pain will occur in different areas, and can even trigger neck pain.

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