Neck Pain

Treating Neck Pain

At Life Chiropractic in Victorville, treatment for neck pain goes beyond an adjustment of the spine. Our experienced chiropractors will create a treatment plan that is customized to treat the source of your pain and not merely treat the symptoms. The pain in your neck may be caused in and around the neck or could be an indication of a problem elsewhere in your body. We will determine the source of your pain and implement an effective treatment plan to provide lasting pain relief.

Custom Corrective Treatment

No two instances of neck pain are exactly the same. One person may suffer from neck pain due to an injury. Another may be suffering from neck pain because they tweaked it at the gym. A third person may simply be sleeping in a bad position. There are a million ways to strain, sprain, injure, overextend, and twist your neck.

You may also experience neck pain due to a migraine, heartburn, anemia, and so on. This is why it can be very difficult to diagnose without seeing a professional. You may have perfect posture, a comfortable mattress, excellent form when exercising, and a job that doesn't put undue stress on your body, but you still have neck pain that you can't seem to explain or resolve on your own.

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

This is where a chiropractor can be a life-saver. We can diagnose where the pain is coming from and determine how to get rid of it using a customized treatment plan. For some patients, addressing neck pain may require one simple round of adjustments. For others, it could mean changes in their diet and daily habits. Other recommendations may include exercises that one can do at home to strengthen the muscles following an injury, stretches to prevent strains, rehabilitation, and other therapies.

You will not know how to address your neck pain until you know what you are dealing with, and you cannot know what you are dealing with until you talk to an expert. At Life Chiropractic, Dr. Boehmer and Dr. Korthuis have the experience and expertise needed to provide effective pain relief for your neck, back, and other painful areas. Contact our team and find the pain relief you need.

Neck Pain Treatment in Victorville, CA

There is no reason to let neck pain keep interfering with your life when the solution may be just a phone call away. If you are in the Victorville area and would like to know more about our neck pain treatments, call Life Chiropractic today at (760) 241-2000.

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