Numbness and Tingling

Treatment for Numbness and Tingling at Life Chiropractic

When you think of discomfort associated with an injury or chronic nerve problem, you most likely think of pain as the major symptom -- but the pain isn't the only problem you may have when a nerve is compressed or damaged. Anything that interferes with the normal passage of nerve signals can also cause you to experience tingling sensations or a total loss of sensation (numbness). The good news is that musculoskeletal causes of tingling and numbness can be treated non-surgically here at Life Chiropractic in Victorville CA.


Causes of Numbness and Tingling

The human nervous system is an enormously complex network of communication channels, but one that follows a clear, definite pattern. The brain and spinal cord sit at the hub of it all, with the spinal cord feeding and receiving signals to the body's major nerves through nerve roots. These nerve roots jut out from the spaces between the bony structures of the spine. If a nerve, nerve root, or the spinal cord itself becomes pinched, that tissue may have difficulty send and receiving nerve signals normally. Sometimes this results in sharp or burning pain that runs along the associated nerve pathway. But it can also cause you to lose sensation in that part of your body, or to experience a "pins and needles" tingling sensation. Two notable examples include:

  • Cervical radiculopathy - Pain, numbness, and tingling in an arm or hand, the result of a cervical nerve impingement
  • Sciatica - Pain, numbness, and tingling in a leg or foot, the result of a lumbar nerve impingement

It should be noted that nerve compression isn't the only possible cause of numbness and tingling. Diseases such as diabetes, a spinal cord injury, a stroke or some other condition can also produce these symptoms. Our chiropractor can determine whether your numbness and tingling are caused by an impingement of nerve tissue.

Spinal Decompression and Other Solutions From Our Victorville Chiropractor

Our Victorville chiropractor will examine your spine for signs of stenosis, bone spurs, a bulging or herniated disc, or a vertebral misalignment that might be pinching spinal nerve roots. Once we know where the problem lies, we can prescribe non-surgical treatment techniques to take the pressure off. Spinal decompression can help by drawing herniated or bulging discs away from nerve tissue and back to their normal position. Chiropractic adjustment can correct a misalignment issue. We may also recommend corrective exercises to improve your posture and spinal support.

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