Pinched Nerves

The Symptoms and Risk Factors Associated With Pinched Nerves

Anyone who has ever had a pinched nerve knows just how painful they can be. Pinched nerves are the result of the tissues around a nerve applying pressure, which can lead to pain and discomfort. Not everyone who experiences pinched nerves has their symptoms for extended periods of time. In the majority of cases, pinched nerves don't result in permanent or long term damage. Our Victorville chiropractor here at Life Chiropractic wants to educate and inform people that there is often an association with pinched nerves and other medical conditions.


Things That Cause Pinched Nerves

There is a multitude of reasons for the occurrence of pinched nerves. Compressed nerve roots caused by disc herniation can result in a pinched nerve. Athletes are prone to the manifestation of pinched nerves due to the types of injuries they can sustain while engaging in sport activities. Carpal tunnel syndrome can also result in pinched nerves, because of the swelling the tendon sheath in the affected wrist and the bone in the tunnel increases in size. Other conditions related to pinched nerves include but are not limited to: rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, obesity, and repetitive stress injuries.

Pinched Nerves and Their Risk Factors

The extra weight and water gain women experience during pregnancy can cause nerve pathways to swell resulting in pinched nerves. In addition, people with diabetes and those who have mobility issues are at greater risk for developing pinched nerves. There are several other risk factors associated with pinched nerves including: repetitive wrist, hand and shoulder movements and obesity. 

We Can Help

People who experience the symptoms associated with pinched nerves for an extended time need to have their condition evaluated by a medical practitioner. Our chiropractor treats pinched nerves by starting with a complete exam which includes x-rays, to help identify any subluxations that could be located in the spinal column. From there, our doctor develops treatment plans to address the issues of each individual patient. Treatment modalities used here in our Victorville clinic include: cold laser therapy, hot and cold therapies, ultrasound therapy and electro stimulation therapy. Chiropractic exercise therapies may also be used to help strengthen muscles.

Call Life Chiropractic Today

Constant pain prevents you from enjoying your life to its fullest, and a pinched nerve can reduce your quality of life. Don’t let the symptoms associated with a pinched nerve interfere with your ability to live the quality of life you deserve. If you have experienced pain two weeks or longer, you need to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible so you can begin to get the treatment you need. Call us here at Life Chiropractic in Victorville today at 760-892-3411 to learn more about how we can help you. 

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